micro:bit Workshop Level 4

  • micro:bit and External Modules (Part 2)
  • Applications with External Modules
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External Modules

External Modules allow us to realize our creative ideas.

Example: Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit

  • micro:bit Shield
  • Speaker
  • Rotary Angle Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Ranger
  • Light Sensor
  • Gesture Sensor
  • Red LED
  • RGB LED Strip
  • 4-digit Display

Introduction to MakeCode Packages

This section focus on the usage of packages.

1. MakeCode - Add Package

Add the following packages.

  • Grove
  • Neopixel

2. MakeCode - Grove 4-digit Display

Test the 4-digit display by showing the number "1234."

microbit Workshop 4digital

3. MakeCode - Grove Ultrasonic Ranger

Replace the number "1234" with the "Ultrasonic Sensor (in cm) at P0" block. Add delay for the measurement to work correctly.

microbit Workshop 4 digital with ultra sonic

4. MakeCode - LED Strip

microbit Workshop calculation

5. MakeCode - Neopixel

microbit Workshop WS_introd

Hands-on: Rotate LED

Make one lit LED move along the strip repeatedly.

Exercise: More LEDs

microbit Workshop LED Strip

Light up the LEDs in order.

Hands-on: Rainbow Ruler

This exercise aims to create a ruler where the distance measured from your sensor is exactly the length of your rainbow.

See you in micro:bit Workshop Level 5 ...

  • micro:bit Wi-Fi Extension
  • Applications with Cloud Platform ThingSpeak
  • Applications with Web-based Service Platform IFTTT