micro:bit Workshop Level 3

  • micro:bit Wireless Communication
  • micro:bit and External Modules (Part 1)
  • micro:bit MakeCode Packages

Wireless Communication

Radio and Bluetooth allows communication between the BBC micro:bit and other devices. Wi-Fi feature requires external modules.


Communicate with other BBC micro:bits


Communicate with PCs, phones, and tablets


Provide access to Internet. Enable IoT creations by linking you micro:bit to cloud platforms.

External Modules

Let's take a look at our Modules product category. They are here to add spice to your project by introducing new features to your micro:bit.

Types of Signals

They work with your micro:bit by sending signals with each other. Usually analog, digital, or I2C. Their concepts are simple.

Hands-on: Learn Music through Creation

microbit Workshop MakeCode Music

Teach students how to create/recreate music through a speaker module.

MakeCode Packages

Packages introduce new set(s) of blocks into your code editor. Product series like Grove has their own package.

Examples of MakeCode Packages

Depending on the package, their blocks appear in different colors. Here provides three examples.

Example: MuseLab Package (Discussed in Level 5)

microbit Workshop MakeCode MuseLab Package
  • Interact with Wi-Fi module.
  • Link with ThingSpeak for sending data to cloud.
  • Link with IFTTT for email service.
  • Control servo output.
  • Retrieve battery level.

Example: Grove Package (Discussed in Level 4)

microbit Workshop MakeCode Grove Package

Example: Kitronik Package

microbit Workshop MakeCode Kitronik Package

Associated Tool

Procedures to Add Package

Before you proceed, confirm that your network allows you to access GitHub.

In the "MakeCode" Editor

  1. Expand the Advanced tab.
  2. Click on the Add Package button.

In the "Add Package..." Window

  1. Enter the package searching keyword.
    • MuseLab "Wi-Fi IoT Shield":
    • Seeed Studio "Grove" series:
    • Kitronik robots and driver boards:
  2. Click on the package. Done.
microbit Workshop MakeCode Add Package Step 2

See you in micro:bit Workshop Level 4 ...

  • micro:bit and External Modules (Part 2)
  • Applications with External Modules