micro:bit Workshop Level 2

  • micro:bit Built-in Sensors
  • Applications with Built-in Sensors

What are the built-in sensors?

MakeCode Block Temperature


Returns a number representing the temperature of CPU, measured in degree Celcius.

Thermometer at Work

Putting heavy workload on micro:bit may result in large difference between the CPU and the ambient.

MakeCode Example Temperature
MakeCode Block Compass Heading


Senses the direction the micro:bit is facing.

Compass at Work

  1. When compass is ready:
    • Returns a number between 0~360, measured in degrees.
    • Number 0 representing North.
  2. When compass is not ready:
    • Returns the number -1003.
  3. Calibration available as block "calibrate compass."
  4. Calibration should be performed away from metals.
MakeCode Example Compass Heading
MakeCode Block Acceleration


Measure acceleration as a scale from -1023 (backward direction) to 1023 (forward direction).

Accelerometer at Work

Acceleration data can be used to implement the shake event.

MakeCode Example Acceleration
MakeCode Block Light Level

Light Meter

Measure light level as a scale from 0 (dark) to 255 (bright).

Light Meter at Work

  1. First time using "light level":
    • Returns "" (empty response).
    • Activates the light sensing feature.
  2. After that:
    • Returns a number between 0~255.
MakeCode Example Light Level
MakeCode Block Magnetic Force


Measure magnetic force in a specific direction in microteslas.

Magnetometer at Work

The stronger the magnetic force, the brighter the LED.

MakeCode Example Magnetic Force

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