micro:bit Workshop Level 1

  • micro:bit On-board User Interface
  • Programming with MakeCode
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Two Major Components of micro:bit


Brain of micro:bit


Mind of micro:bit

Layout of micro:bit

On-board Sensors

Discussed in Level 2

Input/Output Pins

Discussed in Level 3

On-board User Interface

LED Matrix

  • 5×5 sized
  • Scroll-able text display

Buttons A/B

  • Physical interaction
  • Button events

On-board User Interface At Work

Recreate the game Rock-Paper-Scissors.

  1. Set up a variable "rps" which represents the shape you are playing.
    • 0 for Rock
    • 1 for Paper
    • 2 for Scissors
  2. If "rps" equals 0, show the shape of Rock on the LED matrix.
  3. Otherwise, if "rps" equals 1, show the shape of Paper.
  4. Otherwise, show the shape of Scissors.

Have fun with your neighbor when you finish!

microbit Workshop MakeCode Rock Paper Scissors

See you in micro:bit Workshop Level 2 ...

  • micro:bit Built-in Sensors
  • Applications with Built-in Sensors